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Published by LLangrannog Welfare Committee




Llangrannog is a small village in which a lot happens, and the village community is one which tries to look after the wellbeing of its members. There are now several organisations and clubs working towards the general welfare of the village or towards specific targets, and it is hoped that this Newsletter will help to highlight some of their ambitions and achievements.

 Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog / Llangrannog Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee now have a website online at www.llangrannogwelfare.org

The Llangrannog Welfare Committee Website is currently unavailable

The Welfare Committee

After some 60 years, the Welfare Committee is still going strong and in recent years has given birth to two sub-committees, the Fireworks Committee and the Millennium Fund.

Most villagers know about the more obvious things that the Welfare Committee does, like looking  after the village gardens, arranging events on the beach and in local venues, arranging public meetings when important issues arise, and supporting other village organisations. What is less well known is all the behind-the-scenes work that the committee does, especially in putting pressure on local councils and utility companies to act in our best interests

With Thanks to Kat Dawes for sending us copies of the Minutes.

Pwyllgor Lles Llangrannog Welfare Committee

Minutes of a Meeting on Thursday 13 July 2017


1. Present: Cynyr Ifan, Paul Dawes, Ricky Rowsell, Gari Pwyll, Guto Jenkins Clive Bullock

2. Apologies: Adrian Brice, Sioned Jones, Pob Thomas

3. Minutes of the meeting on Thursday 8 June 2017

The minutes were approved. Proposed Ricky, seconded Clive.

4. Matters Arising

4.1 (4.1) Event insurance (marquees, Christmas fayres). Still ongoing. Any use of marquees may increase our insurance premium we could get an estimate for this. We will discuss this when Kate is in attendance.

4.2 (4.2) Litter clearance. Asked for a change of collection time to evening rather than morning and community council are reviewing. Ongoing.

4.3 (4.3) Defibrillator training. Guto to arrange a training day for all possible attendees from village in late September. Should we mount the box outside? We need a sign to alert people to where the village defibrillator is held. We will have a look at dates in the September meeting.

4.4 (4.4) The streetlight issue ongoing. (Deio.)

4.5 (4.6) Tree felling in the Memorial Garden. Ongoing.

4.6 (5.2) Village collection box. Adrian will bring the box to the next meeting and we can decide on a notice to go with it. Ongoing.

4.7 (5.3) Jo Cox community event Sunday 18th June. This was on the same Sunday as the Regatta which made it difficult. It was very busy in the evening for the Community Cinema. Many thanks to the Beach Hut crew.

4.8 (5.4) Duck Race at Gwyl Nol Mlan. We made about 50. Next year we could do some breakfast rolls or similar to make more money.

4.9 (5.5) Sponsored Walk. Fundraising walk from Cardigan back to Llangrannog a community effort. We have a JustGiving page for this. To raise money for the Welfare. Teams from the businesses could compete. Sunday was agreed a good day for this; possibly 24 September around 9am. It would take 6-7 hours to complete. Cynyr will create posters and team sheets. Guto will ask about minibuses.

4.91 (5.6) Canolfan Cranog, Calan Mai. Looking to hold the event in September. We can possibly tie it in with the charity walk.

4.92 (6.2) The Community Council has taken up the issue of overgrown bushes and weeds in the village. Ongoing.

5. Correspondence

There was none.

6. Any Other Business

6.1 Duck race 27th August need as much help as possible with this one. There will be hook-a-duck and decorated ducks. Raffle prizes need to be sorted.

6.2 Gŵyl Nl a Mlan went well, more people than expected turned up and the weather was great. Support from everyone was very much appreciated. There was an issue with the temporary events notice for the Ship carpark so the event was held outside the Ship and Pentre with less use of the marquee. The next year is the tenth year. This years was very well publicised by the BBC etc. and we sincerely congratulate the organisers.

6.3 August meeting it was suggested that we have a short meeting on August 17th (meet outside the Ship at 7.30pm) to discuss raffle ticket return, prizes, a defib training date and the duck race. Kat to notify everyone.


Next full meeting 14th September, 7.30pm, Beach Hut.

 Minutes of a Meeting on Thursday 8th June 2017


1. Present: Cynyr Ifan, Adrian Brice, Paul Dawes, Ricky Rowsell, Gari Pwyll, Guto Jenkins Clive Bullock, Pob Thomas, Sioned Jones

2. Apologies: Kat Dawes, Kate Brice

3. Minutes of the meeting on Thursday 11th May 2017

The minutes were approved. Proposed Ricky, seconded Adrian.

4. Matters Arising

4.1 (4.1) Event insurance (marquees, Christmas fayres). Still ongoing. Awaiting information on transfer of ownership of marquees.

4.2 (4.2) Litter clearance. Asked for a change of collection time to evening rather than morning and community council are reviewing.

4.3 (4.3) Defibrillator training. Guto to arrange a training day for all possible attendees from village in late September. Should we mount the box outside?  We need a sign to alert people to where the village defibrillator is held.

4.4 (4.5) The streetlight issue ongoing.  

4.5 (4.7) Fireworks Insurance. Clive has talked to Zurich and having complied with their new requirements, they have actually reduced the premium, subject to a maximum of 2000 people attending the Fireworks event at any one time. The Community Garden and Statue area are now specifically included for public liability cover. Using marquees at any event which we hold is likely to increase the premium. 

4.6 (6.3) Tree felling in the Memorial Garden Adrian and Pob will sort this out soonish.

5 Correspondence

5.1 (5.2) Gŵyl Nl a Mlan funding. (7-8 July.) Proceeds from the raffle will go to the festival this year. All to sell as many tickets as possible! Ongoing.

5.2 (6.1) Village collection box. Adrian will bring the box to the next meeting and we can decide on a notice to go with it. Ongoing.

5.3 (6.4) Jo Cox community event is on Sunday 18th June. Posters and flyers now available for distribution. 

5.4 (6.5) Duck Race at Gwyl Nol Mlan. Saturday 8th July.

5.5 (6.6) Sponsored Walk. September. Awaiting news from Kate & Cynyr. 

5.6 (6.9) Canolfan Cranog, Calan Mai. Looking to hold the event in September.

6. Any Other Business

6.1 The Quiz night for the Welfare Committee raised 201. Thanks to Martin and Beth.  (Cynyr has sent an email thanking them on behalf of the Welfare.)

6.2 The Community Council has taken up the issue of overgrown bushes and weeds in the village on paths and roads. 

Next meeting is 13th July, 7.30pm, Beach Hut.


Newsletter 1 (2011 - 2012)

Newsletter 2 (2011 - 2012)


Llangrannog Community Choir

Everyone has the ability to sing, and the right to sing: they provide the opportunity. To join Llangrannog Community Choir you don't need to read music or have an audition. They work with all voices and the repertoire (drawn from classical ,folk and world music) is taught orally by supportive, enthusiastic and qualified teacher, Lou Laurens.

They perform locally and also join up with other choirs for national events such as Karl Jenkins 'The Traveller' premiered in 2004.                               

This year they hope to 'Sing for Water' in a massed choir performance on London's South Bank.

the little arts school

The students of the 'little arts school' began the New Year with a project on 'Marine Life' Commissioned by Ceredigion Coast and Countryside, the children will design and make 6 glazed ceramic panels that will be sited in the village.

Further on in the year they will be starting a photography and film project based on our local history and folk-lore. They look forward to working hand in hand with local people to develop the project during the coming year.

Youth Club - Aelwyd Hawen

Aelwyd Hawen is a club for young people where they get a chance to take part in a  variety of activities through the medium of Welsh. They meet on  Friday evenings at the Pontgarreg Memorial Hall from 6.30 6o 8.00. They are looking foe volunteers who can come to demonstrate various skills and to share their experiences with the young people.

Pubs, Cafes and Shop

These are essential to the social well-being of the village, and they far more than just fulfil their various commercial roles.  

The Pentre Arms offers an after-match venue for the various village football teams, and the pub runs pool and darts teams. More details about the football teams can be found elsewhere in this Newsletter.     

The two cafe's play an important part in the social life of the village. The Beach Hut has hosted several events for the Welfare Committee, including an extremely successful fund raiser for Macmillan Cancer Care. Recently they have started a very lively Friday morning coffee club - see elsewhere in this News letter for details. On the other side of the stream, the Patio Cafe is also a popular meeting place for locals as well as visitors, and has hosted a series of successful Art Exhibitions, which it is hoped will continue.

The Village Shop stays open throughout the quiet winter months as well as during the hectic holiday season, a tremendous service to the community. Messages are left at the shop, holiday-makers collect their keys from there, money is raised for local and national charities, and in fact the shop is very much at the hub of the community.            

Crannog Football Club.

The Football Club are having another successful season, with the first team hoping to retain and win further honours in cup and league competitions. The second team and Ladies team are doing well, with the latter hoping to win trophies by the end of the season. The Mini Minors have a full programme ahead of them and are playing with great enthusiasm. Recently the men have formed an over-40s team, and managed to narrowly beat the Ladies in a charity match over the Christmas period. However, the condition of the Crannog pitch at Pontgarreg is a cause for great concern and at the moment is unplayable. The club is looking for a temporary pitch until the new one at Pontgarreg has been resurfaced or the new pitch at Gwersyll Yr Urdd is ready to be played on.

Coffee Club

Friday mornings have taken on a new lease of life at the Beach Hut over the winter. Regular Coffee Morning give the local people the opportunity to get together, enjoy a coffee and try their hand at a range of activities.... From arts and Crafts, to music and cookery, each week they attempt, under the guidance of group members to try something new! The Christmas cakes and Holly Wreaths were a great success...the charcoal drawing hilarious and the paper Mache messy! There will be future gigs as Jerry, their local musical guru, has agreed to teach some guitar basics, and as the watercolour lessons progress, they may be able to exhibit some masterpieces this summer. A monthly programme of walks is also being organised in support of members of the group, who will be taking part in the London moon walk in June. It is a moonlit 27 mile walk around the London Marathon Course to raise money for Cancer Relief. More details will follow ....

Play Group - Cylch Ti a Fi

The Cylch Ti a Fi is aimed at parents/carers and their children from birth to school age. They offer the opportunity to share play experiences with their children and to socialise with other parents and carers.                                               

The group meets at Pontgarreg Memorial Hall on Tuesday mornings between 9.00 and 11.30.

Nursery School - Cylch Meithrin Pontgarreg

The Cylch Meithrin is for children aged two until school age. Activities are arranged for the children by the cylch leader and assistant. The children are offered a variety of learning experiences in the medium of Welsh through play and so gives an ideal grounding to children from both English and Welsh speaking homes before they go to school.

Children with special needs are welcome in the cylch and all activities are available to them: an additional member of staff can be arranged if necessary.

The group meets at Pontgarreg Memorial Hall on a Monday and Wednesday morning between 9.00 and 11.30 a.m.

St Carannog's Church

As one of the four churches in the combined group, with Penbryn, Llandisiliogogo and Blaencelyn, they celebrated a memorable Christmastide with a portrayal of the Nativity by the children of the Sunday School with their story Babwshca, followed by refreshments in the Hall through the kind support of the Welfare Committee. The celebrations were further blessed with a celebration at St Michael's Church of the ancient devotion of Plygain with members of Cymdeithas Ceredigion. Since the beginning of the New Year, at St Carannog, they have endeavoured to unify all the Sunday Services to one time, and since their initiative to set the devotions at 11.00 each Sunday morning, the venture appears to be successful. They have met together as a combined church family at Blaencelyn and later joined for lunch at the New Inn, Brynhoffnant. They will seek to further broaden their outreach and associations with the Community and locality as the year goes on

Urdd Camp - Gwersyll yr Urdd

The Urdd camp has been an integral part of the daily life of the Llangrannog area since 1932. We hope that the employment, facilities and extra income which are provided by the Gwersyll are a boost to the local economy and culture. The recent developments have ensured that we have some of the best facilities available in a country area, and urge everyone to take advantage of what the Gwersyll offers:

  • Syr Ifan Leisure Centre: The new centre is home to several clubs throughout the year, and we hope that the Fitness Suite will open shortly.

  • Ski Slope: The ski slope is open to the public every Monday to Thursday from 5.00 till 9.00 and on Sundays from 2.00 till 5.00pm.

  • Swimming: The pool is open to the public every Thursday from 5.00 till 6.30 pm and 6.30 till 8.00pm., as well as on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.00 to 10.30pm.

  • Parties and Meetings: They offer special packages for parties and meetings. At the moment the Centre is home to an Arts course.

Llangrannog Boating and Angling Association

The club has had an eventful year, having had a number of fundraising activities to pay for a new tractor, its maintenance, insurance, etc. A beach barbecue took place on a couple of occasions and a few fishing competitions were arranged - with thanks to the local companies that helped sponsor these events. The fishing competitions provided entertainment value if nothing else!

The club committee meets on the last Sunday of every month in the Pentre Arms at 1400 hours. Anyone interested in joining the club or using the slipway please come along to the meetings for further information.

Local ladies have shown an interest in re-forming a Longboat team. They are in the process of gathering information and are planning a way forward.

Welsh Classes

Welsh classes are held every Tuesday during term time in the Church Vestry in Llangrannog. There is a first year group at 11.30 - 1.00, and a second year group at 10.00 - 11.30. Learners can join at any point. Other courses are also available locally - different times, venues, pace and level.

CYD Group

A group where Welsh learners of all levels can meet and practice their Welsh with supportive Welsh speakers in an informal atmosphere. They meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7.30 in the Ship. A warm welcome to learners and Welsh speakers to join at any time.

Welsh Language Society

A campaigning group for the Welsh Language which meets in the Pentre Arms at least once a month.

Merched y Wawr

Merched y Wawr meets once or twice a month between September and May in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall. As well as meetings with invited speakers, during the last year they went on visits  to a play, an opera, a pantomime, Christmas and Gwyl Dewi dinners, and held a Welsh learner's evening and concert. All activities are through the medium of Welsh. A warm welcome to new members.

Sixty Plus

The group for over 60s meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 2pm onwards in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall, generally having invited speakers on a wide range of topics. A warm welcome to new members.

W.I. Pontgarreg

The Women's Institute meets on the first and third Thursday of every month at 7.30pm, in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall, generally with an invited speaker once a month. New members are very welcome.

Short Mat Bowls

This group meets every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm onwards in Pontgarreg Memorial Hall (except during school half terms and some dates during Summer holiday periods), and plays occasional friendly matches with other groups. New members are welcome.

Dyffryn Clettwr Riding Club

A club for enthusiastic riders, for fun and social activities connected with horses. Weekly rallies in the Llangrannog area.


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